Traffic Cones give Green Light for Market Funding

By Lewis Ward

The organisers of Sharrow Vale market have come up with an ingenious way of saving money for future events.

Shelley Cockayne, a co-ordinator of Sharrow Vale market has been out collecting stolen traffic cones from areas in Sharrow to be used at future markets and events.

A total of 13 traffic cones have been collected from Neil Road, Eastwood Road and Bruce Road which is set to save the organisers of the market around £60 – the cost of hiring cones from Sheffield City Council.

The cones usually find their way into to the gardens and roads outside houses after they have been stolen by students on drunken nights out in the city.

George Cole, a student at Sheffield Hallam University and a resident on Neil Road said that it was a good thing for the area. “To be honest, most students have taken stupid things like traffic cones and left them outside after nights out. It’s not a good look for the area, and if they can be put to good use, it’s even better that they’ve gone”.

Sharrow Vale Market happens three times a year and is incredibly popular with locals. The first market of 2013 was on 21st April, where stall owners often compete heavily for a space to sell. The market features both local and international food, arts and crafts stalls, and attracts thousands of people to Sharrow for the event.

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